Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beach Fun Checklist

Everyone can benefit from some tips for ensuring a stellar day at the beach. So, we researched some of the best tips as seen on the popular site, Pinterest, and included some of our own, and here is what we came up with!

1. Pack the sunscreen and apply it often
Depending on what level SPF you purchase, apply the good stuff around the clock even if it doesn’t look like you are getting burnt. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Also, don’t forget to apply a lip balm with SPF to keep your lips safe from the sun.

2. Wear eye protection
Whether you prefer to wear sporty sunglasses or a floppy sunhat, any sort of protection for your eyes is a good idea.

3. Pack plenty of towels
Towels at the beach can be used for drying off after playing in the water or for sitting on while tanning, so pack away!

4. Load up an ice chest with plenty of water
Heading to the beach with a cooler stocked with cold waters, drinks and snacks is great for keeping hydrated and making sure you have food for energy while out in the hot sun. For those who want to be super prepared, purchase a cooler with wheels!

5. Put your cell phone in a plastic Ziploc bag
This is a safety precaution for keeping your phone sand free and from accidentally forgetting it in your swimsuit pocket before jumping in the water. If only phones could swim!

6. Pack baby powder
Now, this one may sound a little odd at first, but for those beach goers who don’t want to track a pound of sand back into your car or hotel room, check out this is a neat trick. Apply a generous handful of baby powder to your legs and feet, and watch as the powder absorbs the moisture on your body, causing the sand to fall off.

7. Don’t forget the Toys
A lot of people, especially children, like to be active on the beach. Pack some buckets for sandcastle building, a football or Frisbee for throwing around, or some boogie boards for riding the waves.

8. Throw some floaties/arm inflatable floaties in your beach bag
You can never go wrong with having a floatie for the children to play on in the water or packing a pair of arm inflatable floaties to put around a young child’s arms to aid in helping to keep them safe when you take them for a swim.

9. Bring along a good book
For those of you who love to enjoy a good read while relaxing, be sure to pack that new novel you’ve been wanting to dive into.

10. Be cognizant of the Beach Warning Flags
This isn’t a physical item that you can bring along, but we thought it was too important to not list. Please do heed the beach warning flags as they are displayed to keep you safe.

Above all, enjoy your day at the beach and we hope you make many wonderful memories with your family and friends while doing so!

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